4 & 5: The First Weekend

Jan 27, 2013, 10:20 PM |

1/26/13 - Polgar 5334: 73-96,   Chess School 1a: 313-324

1/27/13 - Polgar 5334: 97-108,   Chess School 1a: 325-336

500 Master Games: played through the first game Bledow v. Von der Lasa. There was some neat trick at the end with Bledow moving his pawn to check and draw away the king from protecting the queen and also some info in the beginning about trapping black's king bishop on the queen side and causing some commotion.

Notes: Played several G/30 games and had fun. Played my 1st slow game in the Dan Heisman Quad thing. I was wondering what was going on when I hadn't heard about who and when I was playing. Then I check my email today and the inbox is busting out with notes from my opponent, Samsch. He says that today is the deadline and I will forfeit the game if I don't play him ASAP. Well he was online and we played immediately with all the talk of me forfeiting I start playing but not thinking too much. In fact I was stuck in blitz mode. After move three my wife throws the baby in my hands so that she can take care of the whining 4 year old. It was a comedy of errors, me playing rushed, the baby hitting me in the face and crying, the straw that broke Big D's psyche was me making a quick knight move and not see that I could've nailed his Queen and King if I had made knight land on the right square. Of course immediately my opponent brings this up in the chat window as if to mock me. Well it was all downhill from there. Even though the game was even, I felt that it was lost and I started to play desperately for no reason and proceeded to blow the game. With me missing the golden opportunity to get his queen for free, I felt like I was down the queen. Like a degenerate Las Vegas gambler who wins a grand in blackjack but feels like he lost money because he didn't bet everything he had on that hand. I played the G/45 with 45 sec increment in like 4 or 5 minutes.

Lesson taken away from the disasterous game: In the future, slow your roll Big D. Bust out the real chess set to mirror the game next to the computer like you planned and make yourself a nice cup of Cafe au Lait to drink during the game. Take your time and chill.