2015 Goals

Jan 8, 2015, 12:47 PM |

One of my resolutions this year is to become a decent chess player. So I'm going to set myself some quantative goals.


1. Play actual real world tournments and get rated.

2. End year with a minimum rating of 1100 (Is this over ambitious? Is it too low a goal? I really have no idea).

3. Improve Chess.com ratings. My targets are:

  • a. Online Standard rating: 1400
  • b. Live Standard rating: 1300
  • c. Live Blitz rating: 1100
  • d. Live Bullet rating 1000
  • e. Online 960 rating 1000

To do this I have gotten myself a preimum membership on chess.com and found a group to play with on Sundays. Once I get more comfortable playing casually, I will start going to a place in Berkeley where they play rated games. There is even a chess course, only $60, that I might enroll in.

Obviously, this blog entry is for my own benifits. But if someone sees this and gets insprised to improve their own game that's great too.