Studying my own game

Jan 4, 2015, 12:56 AM |
Does anyone have tips about how to study my own games? Maybe I should go over games on a board and try to figure things out. 
This is a game I played recently. I learned the Smith-Morra Gambit on Chess Mentor, but my oponent declined. So the game went an unexpected direction. 

 ended up winning this but its full of inaccuracies.

Instead of 5. O-O it would have been better to play Bd5 forking the rook and the Knight. 

Major inaccuracy, instead of 7.c4 I should have played 7.Bb7

Can you see others? Im running a computer anlaysis. 

Computer Analysis 

Computer analysis complete. The computer says:

Inaccuracies(?!): 5 = 27.8% of moves | Mistakes(?): 4 = 22.2% of moves | Blunders(??): 1 = 5.6% of moves  [these are my moves, not both)

Intrestingly, the mistake I noticed at 5, which I called an inaccuracy, the comptuer said was a blunder. 

As for 7.c4, where I thought I should have played 7.Bb7 the computer says Nc3 was better. 

I should really study the computer analysis on a board to figure it out. 

If anyone has tips about how to study your own games in order to improve please comment here or message me.