I got 2/3 points in the Christmas Open; reached new classical rating peak

I got 2/3 points in the Christmas Open; reached new classical rating peak

Dec 10, 2016, 10:49 PM |

Today I participated in the Christmas Open, a classical tournament consisting of three rounds, with each player getting 60 minutes and a 5 second delay per move in each game. There was no prize money, but I had a lot of fun, and my classical rating reached a new peak of 1512 (+23) and my rapid rating also increased to 1520 (+15). I got 2/3 points, so I was pretty happy with how things went. Here is a summary of my three games, and an annotated analysis of game three: 


Game One: Win against a 959 

In this game, I was playing on the black side of the Caro Kann, one of my favorite openings. I got a small advantage out of the opening due to my better bishop and central pawn majority, but then my opponent blundered his rook for my knight, and after that, it just took a bit of mopping up before he finally resigned.


However, it should be noted that this player was vastly underrated. He actually drew my second round opponent, a 1760. My only explanations are that either he is a sandbagger, or he simply took a long hiatus from tournament chess and came back with a much higher strength level than his outdated rating.

Game 2: Loss against a 1760

In this game, I was on the black side of a pretty standard queen pawn opening. I actually managed to get a small advantage in the opening, but threw it away in the middle game with a couple innacurate moves. After that, my opponent managed to construct a blistering attack on my king. Despite my huge time advantage (I had 20 minutes and he had 3), he was able to win a piece, which forced me to resign. 

Game Three: Win against a 1700

This was perhaps one of my favorite games that I've played so far. Although my opponent was rated 211 points higher than me, I obliterated him. He ended up losing on time, and I was up 4 points of material with a vastly superior position. Plus, I still had 48(!!!) Minutes left on my clock. I basically outplayed him on the white side of a Reti and then won material with several nice tactics. You can view the game here: