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I got 4/5 points in the Under 1700 Section of the Mid America Open

I got 4/5 points in the Under 1700 Section of the Mid America Open

Mar 27, 2017, 2:07 PM 13






Over the weekend, I had my best tournament yet, scoring 4/5 points in the Under 1700 Section of the Mid America Open with wins against a 1695, 1602, and 1409, and draws against a 1622 and 1612. I earned a small cash prize and reached a new peak rating of 1647 (+97). Not only that, but I had a lot of fun playing these games, and I feel like each one had a lot for me to learn from. 


Here are my two best games from the tournament: I hope you enjoy, and feedback is welcome! The time control was 1:40, plus 30 minutes after the 40th move, with a 10 second delay. Note: in the diagrams, I used our post-event ratings.


Round Five: Win Against a 1602: 

 I slowly started to squeeze my opponent with my lead in development, more active pieces, and space advantage on the white side of a king's Indian defense queenless middlegame. His passive position and dwindling time prompted him to lash out and blunder, and from there I was able to pick his position apart in what ended up being a very nice finish.



Round Two: Win Against a 1695:

Out of a Reti, in which I was on the black side, my opponent and I soon entered an endgame where he seemed to have some nice piece activity. However, with some creative and accurate moves, I was able to nullify his activity and trade down into a rook endgame. Material was equal but I had an outside passer and his queenside majority was very hard to put into motion because he had doubled pawns.

The position was probably equal for a long time, but practically it was far more pleasant on my side, and eventually he cracked and blundered. From there, some patience and technique was all it took for me to win the game.

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