2 Most Important Endgame Principles

2 Most Important Endgame Principles

IM MatBobula

This is probably one of the shortest articles that you will read about chess but also, in my opinion, one of the most important. If you start following only those two principles described below - you will be better in endgames than 80% of chess players.

1. Activate your King

In the endgame when not that many pieces left on the board you can use your King. It is not in the danger anymore and it is worth around 4 points (more than the minor piece). Not using such a powerful piece is a huge loss. So do not wait and move your King into the center!

2. Create the passed pawn and promote it

In the endgame when not that many pieces left, pawns are becoming relatively more valuable. Especially passed pawns that you can and promote into the Queen (with a Queen it is much easier to win). Find a way how to create one - use pawn majority or attack opponent's pawns with your pieces and push it forward as soon as you can.

Watch the video how I used those principles in practise:

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