2 Rooks vs Queen

2 Rooks vs Queen

IM MatBobula

In the previous post, I discussed 2 minor pieces vs Rook. Today, it is a time for another popular material imbalance: 2 Rooks vs Queen. What is better?

If we compare pieces value - 2 Rooks are 10 (2*5) and Queen is 9. Moreover, you can coordinate 2 Rooks in the attack. So in general, 2 Rooks are better than the Queen. There are a couple of principles about playing in that kind of positions:

First of all, 2 Rooks should be connected - there is no risk that you lose material. Queen is a tricky piece that can easily create some tactical possibilities.
A good example of how not to play is my game against International Master from Canada

Secondly, the King's safety is crucial. If King is open, there is a risk that Queen will find a way to do a perpetual check. Here you can watch my game and what happened with the open King.

So if you play with 2 Rooks:

  • Keep your king safe
  • Keep Rooks connected
  • Try to create a passed pawn, Queen cannot stop passed pawn that is supported by 2 Rooks
  • Try to coordinate Rooks in attack to any pawn
  • Exchange pieces

If you play with the Queen:

  • Try to open your opponent King's position
  • Try to attack your opponent King
  • Look for any tactics that you can create with the Queen (especially double attacks)
  • Do not trade remaining pieces, the more pieces on the chessboard, the more complications you can create

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