Basic principles of defending

Basic principles of defending

IM MatBobula

Everyone loves to attack. This is more fun (like Tal games) and even if you make a mistake, worst that can happen is that you will not win. But it is a different story when it comes to the defense. It is very hard, you have to be very patient and careful. This is like with sappers - one mistake and you lose. But in chess, you cannot ignore defense. I wrote that article to give you a basic view of defense strategies that you can use.

Stop the direct threat (when nothing else left)

Make the prophylaxis move (prevent the threat even before it happens)
Exchange pieces that are attacking you

The real master of the defense was former World Champion - Tigran Petrosian. Here you can see how was he defending against big attacking master - Garry Kasparov. Defending by 25 moves - this is a different level.

Below you can see an example from one of my online games with live commentary when I was defending almost the whole game.

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