Battle of the streamers

Battle of the streamers

IM MatBobula

Deathmatches are becoming more and more popular among streamers. It is not only about emotions (who is going to win) but it also gives a great educational content. Viewers can watch games from perspective of both players - it broadens picture.

Last week I have got a pleasure to play the match against @manaspaldhe12 , who is training to be a Master. We played 10 blitz games, 3 minutes + 2 seconds increment. Of course we were both streaming and explaining our way of thinking. Below you can find couple interesting postions.

I played white and saw some tactical possibilities.

In another game I got very good position, but I made very common mistake.
We played also very intersting pawns endgame. We both made couple mistakes - it was blitz game and we were very low on time.

I won the whole match 8 - 2 (7W, 2D, 1L).
You can watch match from my side here:

Manas's video watch here:

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