Bishop vs Knight

Bishop vs Knight

IM MatBobula

In that post, I would like to shed some light on the eternal competition: Bishop vs Knight. Both are called minor pieces are the value is the same: 3 points. But they are moving a different way. Bishop can move a lot of squares but only in one color. Knight can change the color of squares but can move only on the short length. You will learn what kind of positions better is to keep the Bishop or the Knight.

Let's start from one position that comes from my game that I played around 20 years ago.

In what kind of positions Bishop is superior to the Knight?

  • open position - there are no pawns in the 4 central squares (e4,d4,e5,d5) and Bishop can attack on open diagonals
  • when pawns are on both sides (kingside and queenside) - Bishop can move much faster from one side to another

In what kind of positions Knight is better?

  • closed center
  • pawns are on the one side - no need to move into long distances
  • when there are outposts - Knight on the strong square is very powerful

Below you can watch the video with my comments when I played with a Bishop against the Knight.

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