Couple words about Queen Endgames

Couple words about Queen Endgames

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Queen Endgames are quite rare but they are one of the most complicated endgames. Most of the Queen Endgames are very long with a lot of possible checks and require a lot of calculation. But a couple of principle helps to play them:

Create checkmate threats 
Queen is the most powerful piece so keep it active and support it with a King or a Pawn

Consider perpetual check possibility 
Queen is a perfect piece for perpetual checks, very often even if one side has got a material advantage but the King is open, it is not so easy to avoid that

Keep your King safe 
If you can avoid opponent's checks, you can focus on the attack and do not need to be afraid of perpetual checks

Create the passed pawn 
The more advanced passed pawn is, the bigger threat it can create. A very advanced passed pawn can be worth even a couple "usual" pawns.

Here you can watch one of my online games with live commentary:

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