Exercises that improve your chess

Exercises that improve your chess

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In this article, I want to describe a couple of exercises that influenced my chess development a lot. If you want to get to know more, I created the 10-week course to improve your chessEvery week you will receive one email with materials and exercises to do. You can sign up for the course at this link:

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Memorizing the position with moves

  1. pick any game with a notation (I like to use where you can find a lot of grandmaster's games or your archive games).
  2. pick any position from this game (f.e. after move 30.) and memorize it
  3. open a new tab, go to the analysis board, set up this position from your memory, and check is that correct (if everything is fine, clear the board, if not repeat it)
  4. go back to the game and read a couple of moves (f.e. 5) that happened from that position, do not move it there, just read notation and visualize it in your mind
  5. go to the analysis board, try to set the position after those moves and check is that correct (if not, repeat)

Those are special puzzles, set up by a composer that you have to do a particular task. It improves your chess imagination and ability to find unusual solutions. Here is one example, white checkmates in 2 moves.

In the position below, count how many checks and captures do you see for White (it white is to move) and for Black (if Black is to move). Give me numbers (do not pay attention does the move makes sense, that exercise is about recognizing possibilities, even unusual).

To see the correct answer, mark text between brackets

[ White 2: Rxd8, Bxg4 and Black 6: Nxh2, Nxf2, Qxf3, Bxf2, Rxe2, Rxd2 ]