How to create the best plan?

How to create the best plan?

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One of the most important things in chess is to find the right plan. During the game, every player faces that challenge.

The first time to create a plan is right after the opening and usually 2-3 times later on. There is even a saying, “better to play according to a bad plan rather than without any”.

Moreover, you cannot choose the right move without an idea of what are you going to do next. So questions appear: What should I start from? How to find the best plan and move? Is there any universal recipe? The answer is… Yes, there is a process of thinking that masters use.

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From this guide, you will learn how to find the best plan. There is a simple pattern, which is described step by step. It will help you to pick the best move.

The first part of this guide is theoretical and the second part shows how it works in practice.

There are three major steps (and a couple of minors).

First, evaluate the position – you’ll need to go deeper and analyze all

relevant factors.

Second, and the most important step, choose a plan (based on an evaluation).

Last but not least, make calculations that are compatible with a plan.

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