How to play when you are losing

How to play when you are losing

IM MatBobula

Sometimes it happens that the game may not turn out the way you hope. The opponent does not make any mistakes or you blunder something very early - you feel that you are on the track to lose the game. Can you do anything to change your luck? There is a famous quote by Tartakower: "No one ever won a game by resigning". So there must be another option.

The first and basic principle says that you should make the position more complicated. Maybe even sacrifice something even if this is not correct and you know it. The idea of that way of playing is to make your opponent confused. In a tactical position, it is very easy to make a mistake - you have to give your opponent a chance to do one.

It also means that it is not a good idea to exchange pieces. If you simplify the position, your opponent that has got an advantage will have got an easier way to win.

Another idea is to create any asset (f.e. passed pawn) and try to use it.
Here is one puzzle from my game, try to create a counter-attack as White.

Here you can watch the game with live commentary (how my mood has changed from losing to winning).

Another good plan is to attack your opponent king. It does not matter that you are down on the material if you can make a checkmate.

To sum up, remember that chess is about creating problems for your opponent. So don't give up and try to find some counter-attacks.

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