My chess training

My chess training

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Very soon I am going to play in the chess tournament after a couple of months' break. To be well prepared I decided to make training that I am going to stream on Twitch. So you have got an opportunity to watch it and see how to do that properly. I am going to focus on exercises that are universal and that are going to improve the game.

Based on my experience, I identified the most common mistakes and created a course to overcome them. Follow instructions from weekly lessons, and you will make significant progress! Here you can sign up for the FREE 10-week course to improve your chess!

The first training I started with some tactical exercises for the warm-up (puzzles and puzzle rush). Later I played the rapid game and analyze it (at the beginning without the engine, and later I checked my analysis with the computer's help).

Below you can find the commented game that was the result of my work. It is going to be interesting, especially for players who start with 1. d4 and have to face against the Semi-Tarrasch Defence. I explored a couple of interesting lines against it.

Below you can also watch the video from the whole training: