Opposite side castling

Opposite side castling


Positions with opposite side castles are nothing new in chess. They happen quite often, especially for players with a sharp style of playing. Below you will find a couple of principles and puzzles on how to attack and defend when you will get one.

The first and basic principle is that you have to attack the opponent's King, using your pawns and making the pawn storm (you can do that because it does not open your King - it is at a different place). Pawns are moving forward and open files, so later pieces can enter. Important thing is that the side that controls the center can attack the side in an easier way.

What a lot of players do not remember is that you are supposed not only to attack but also defend your King and delay the opponent's attack. This is one of the most common mistakes in such positions.

All in all, who can faster and more efficiently attack - win.

Take a look at some positions, can you find a way to win?

Can you find a way to delay the opponent's attack?

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