Underestimated attack

Underestimated attack

IM MatBobula

Couple months ago I was preparing for the NATO Chess Championship. I wanted to try new openings so I decided to play in rapid tournament near my hometown.

I won first game without any problems. In the second game, I got good position after the opening (I was playing black):

Black followed all opening principles: pawns are in the center, king is castled, pieces are developed. Such a pawn structure is called Carlsbad. The most famous plan in Carlsbad structure is 'minority attack' - black attacks on the queen's side (they have got 2 pawns against 3 white's pawns) and white should attack on the king's side (3 white's pawns versus 4 black's pawns). I have already started  pushing b-pawn. Moreover, white has got bad pawn structure on the king's side (doubled pawns: f2, f3 and isoleted pawn: h2). Knight on the rook file (a3) also does not look good.

On the other hand, white has got the bishop pair and semi open g-file with a rook on it. But I thought that if my attack on the queen's side will be fast, white cannot start their counter-play on the king's side. I didn't know I was wrong.

1. ... b4?

The idea is very simple, to create a threat to the knight and crush white's pawn structure. If white captures pawn: 2. cb4? Qf4! with an attack to f3 and bishop.

But as I mentioned before I totally underestimated white's attacking possibilities.
How white can punish black for their ignorance?

2. Qd2!

Queen attacks h6 (pawn g7 is pinned). Also R:g7 is a serious threat. At the begining I was astonished, but after couple second I realized that my position is hopeless. King is in danger and I cannot do much to protect him. Let's analize my possibilities:

After every move there is a check mate or black's position is totally devastated. I decided to play
2. ... Ng4
but this is only extension of agony.

What is the most important conclusion? Never underestimate opponent's adventages and attacking possibilities, especially when they are close to your king.

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