Why is it important to study endgames

Why is it important to study endgames

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Lately, I played the very interesting endgame. I had got a feeling that my position is better but I did not find any clear way to win. Moreover, I was very low on time so I was forced to play fast. I was streaming and you can watch it below with my live commentary.

As you could see, it was a draw. After the stream, I checked that game one more time and I was surprised. I knew that I missed the win but both sides made a lot of quite simple mistakes. Below you can see my analysis.

That game shows how endgames important are. Very often endgame's skills decide about the result. You can play well the whole game but if you do not play the correct way in the endgame, you are not going to win. Another thing is that in the endgame, time is often very low. So you do not have time to think very deeply about each move.

Sometimes I have got a feeling that players are focusing to much on the openings and tactics and completely forgot about endgames.

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