Gilbert Rivalry

Mar 3, 2010, 6:10 PM |

Since freshman year our main topic going into major team tournaments has been.... Are we going to defeat the Gilbert Chess Team this time. It just seemed that each time that we played, they would win. Yeah, they might have better players since they have chess classes that offer credits for graduation requirements. Either way it would end up close. One might not know how a team match is played, so here it goes... Each school has 5 top seeds(players). Top seed plays the other school's top seed, second seed plays the other second seed and so on. To win the team macth you would have to win/gain 3 points, majority.Each game won being a point, 2.5 would be a draw.

Gilbert's Top Seeds:

1.Nick Thompson                            

2.Pevy Fletcher                                                               

3.Jacob Maneth

4.Thommy Shucker

5.Landon Winston

The next game was not in a team match but yet still a win against a Gilbert player. Feels good to say that :] The game was between me and Jacob Maneth. This game actually qualified me to go to state in which i later lost a game to Nick for a place in the top 10. Sucked. Hope you enjoy.

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