Dutch Defense: e6 System

Aug 3, 2010, 9:10 AM |

Recently GM Roman posted a video that explained an interesting system that plays well against the Dutch Defense. I lost a bit of sleep last night, due to the fact that my new and exiting opening could now be easily refuted by a weak player. Fortunately, I figured out a solution to most of the problems that the opening causes. I'm only a 1500 on chess.com, so if I overlooked something, please tell me. After all, I'm only trying to help.

There really isn't a way to prevent the system if 1.d4 f5 is played as follows: 

My solution is to play the Dutch in a different move order:

The only time that black will have to stray from his/her valuable dutch is if the following move order takes place. Even if this happens, the resulting position is sound and relatively famous.
By the way, I'm pretty sure that the 1.d4 e6 opening is called the Horwitz defense. I personally dislike the name, so I'll just call it the Dutch once f5 has been played. 
I hope this helps. :)