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Why am I here

Dec 28, 2010, 9:24 PM 1

I taught myself how to play chess in grade school.  Didn't really have someone to play with.  A chess club was started at my high school my senior year easy to say that I was the weakest player there, but I played every day and got better at it.  Then I graduated.  Chess was put on a back burner.  A friend of mine was the chess coach at the school he taught at.  I start playing again.  I went with him and played in in a couple of tournaments and was embarrish.  I ended my chess playing.  My son that is in first grade brought home a flyer talking about forming a chess club at school.  I quickly volunteer to help out.  My son enjoys playing and learning about chess.  This time I decided that if I was going to help my son learn I needed to set the example of learning to play chess the right way.  I got a couple of chess books from the library and use them  to help improve my game.  I even do the exercises that comes at the end of the chapter.  It took several tries to beat the 800 rated computer and I beat the 1200 rated computer after I realize I could take back mistakes I made.  I just played my first game against a live person and was beaten in 19 moves.  I got a way to go but I am learning and enjoying chess.com . Practice if you want to become better.

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