My First Experiences with My First Car

My First Experiences with My First Car

Mar 30, 2010, 7:43 PM |

My First Experiences with My First Car

Hello Guys, I am really feeling good today. To start telling you what has happened, after some tussle of nearly two months, I had got a new car, actually my first one, and it was a Porsche Cayman S. You people probably know what kinda monster it is, and after some mod, I got it, 5 days before my seventeenth birthday, 05th of December, 2009.

Starting of cars, I have a really bad scope of knowledge: That doesn’t mean that we have no cars; it will be boasting to say but my brothers have really strong racing instinct. I will post about their cars, but not in this Web-Log.

So, I decided to have a tutor first, and got one (not to tell who he is, as a hint, he was a previous best illegal long-trip racer), and we decided to head with the car to a Meadow (can’t tell the name here, too). We started off with some basic concepts, he told me how great it must be to have a car like this, and to use it to become great racer.

Then he took to drive it at a modest speed of 80 Kmph (nearly one/fourth of the top speed, which was optimized due to mod, and as we were at a place like Barren lands, it didn’t quite showed up itself), and side by side he continued to tell me each and every concept of driving as a racer. That entire day, from morning 6 to evening 7, he described me all the basic concepts, and I became fully familiar.

Next day, with the same routine, he told me of the propulsion systems, like nitrous wet-shots, turbo kits, ECU, suspension systems, fuel-injection system, air-intake systems, aerodynamics, performance exhausts and many other things, which I learnt carefully as I thought it will be of critical importance.

From next day to oncoming four days, he taught me of the High Speed Driving, the key elements in controlling the car at high-speeds, pushing nitrous at perfect timings to get the best-possible shifts, limits not to cross at street-level, highway level, crossing cops if chased, some other illegal stuff. I took it seriously.

Now, it was my turn to take the gasoline!

I drove the best I could and was able to feel the heat and power of that savage. Then I pushed it really hard and crossed the 210 Mark easily in 12 seconds or less, as indicated by him. Even at that speed, the car was good and smooth enough for a somewhat rough surface. Then, I took some others concepts. It continued for oncoming two and half days.

I rode it for next two-three days calmly. I was angry at my brothers who were constantly saying “Hey, you’ve got a decent sports car, and you’re driving it like a sick oldie! Even a child can say you have no guts as of cars, Hahaa!”. Probably, they were right. Driving at super-high speeds in a deserted place doesn’t mean you are good enough at streets. Talking of bikes, I think there is no competition to their MTT-Y2Ks and all that stuff there is in their gang, not to forget their talent, but I thought it can be a good opportunity to match their level in cars. So, I signed to my first-street race, an illegal one (won’t tell you where!),  in which most of the racers were from my bros and Rick’s and Tyson’s gang and got lined up.

Having no experience of Street-Racing, except on bikes, somewhat I thought it was a bull thing to enter a race where there were only experienced-racers. My bros had already warned me not to take it seriously, and to leave; but I had accepted a challenge in front of at least 50 people, and leaving it would have meant a piece of disrespect, dishonor. Mom, dad and others were all on a trip of Europe and I didn’t care.

Race Day. All the top-racers were there. The fact that I got the entry was that it was Open-to-All Race, involving rookies like me, probably those top racers were thinking that it will be good to destroy some jerks. 25 Racers gathered, I got a good, deep look at their cars, I think there were 5 Mercedes S-Class, 2 McLaren F1 LMs (of my bros), 1 Cayman (Mine), 5-6 Vauxhall VX220s, which I thought more than competitive. Barely two-three cars were there, which I felt were not racing cars at all, probably the boys owning them thought it was fun!

But I didn’t. I knew every story related to Car Crashes and Deaths, and also the levels these brutal people were upto, who could do anything to win, and this race was really intense. Every single visitor got to me and bros and Vauxhall  and Mercedes owners, admiring their cars. I felt good, but on the same side, terrorized that what could be the result if I was injured at the very end.  May be I will face death.

These fears made me call the tutor, who taught me, to come over to the place and help me. Their were GPS installed in most of the cars, but we had alternative to have a person with us, usually it must be an expert, to help guide us. 15-20 of riders had them.

The race was going to be really long, a nearly 50 km one, and the obstacles were not normal as casual races, (but terrifying for you, even for me)  crossing Barren Lands, Rough-Surfaces, One Big-Mountain and all that stuff, including crossing two towns, where the cops were always active for fellows like us. The towns were nearly like villages, but cops were specially brought from cities. If caught, sentence of 1 Month and $5000 as penalty. That’s why only racers with money-filled backseats were there!

Two members of my bros gang have been caught over the last five years of their reign as champions, while for others, it’s seven of Tyson’s gang and five of Rick’s gang.

Then, I gave a final thought to myself, whether to really go through or not. Now I ask you, Are you fools enough to enter a race where no less than 25 years old mature, experienced fellows with Super-Cars and only one motive to win at any ******* cost are there? Won’t you be bothered of how its going to be on parents and family if you could not make to home in one-piece? Don’t you fear death at such age? If you ask yourselves, you can’t do that, and truly I wouldn’t have, if it weren’t a challenge. So, I decided to take this sh@t on.

Five minutes from Race-Time, I was in centre of my bros, as I was in their team, which had 10 guys, the last words I listened were from the elder-most brother, over the team-radio were as follows: -

“I knew it, I knew that you’re not gonna stop, that‘s what is in all our veins, but boy, take care with this, I’m gonna provide you with Joseph and Stan, so that Tyson’s guys don’t get a chance to hurt you, but still, take care, and if you have problems, Stop there, and call Spencer (the senior most employee in Miami, like second dad to me) , I have already told him to note you side-by-side.”

I said

“Hey, don’t you think me as a child; I’ve grown up and can take care. If you don’t mind, please take Joseph and Stan away from me, I don’t need cover and wanna show that Tyson who I’m, me myself, Bye for now. Take care.”

Race started, right from the starting point that was a deserted area, all of us guys had to regroup into a pair of 5, so as to avoid crashes with each-other. Tyson, my bros, and I led the trail, and as we moved my Tutor was providing with the best directions over the GPS. I tried not to speed up much as I had never been in that part of United States before. As we moved I remained precautious of the paths, and slow too much on bends and cuts, leaving the top five and entering the second row. “What are you doing?”, Joseph said. But I didn’t respond. I took on driving as I wasn’t experienced at “Chatting While Driving” Thing. Now, there started a change in geography, the land became more and more coarse after ten kilometers. Everyone slowed, seemed like guys didn’t want their rides tarnished. But I didn’t care and took a step further to gain speed and get the lead back again. Thanks to Porsche!

Somewhat, I realized that I was wrong and they were right, I realized that the back tyres were under stress and corroded, so I pushed the gasoline down and slowed. Still, I was in First Row.

Now, we all were heading towards Mount, and believe me, you won’t want to get in that area. The landscape was somewhat like I have seen in GTA-San Andreas. The columns were reduced to two cars. I was with my elder-bro by now. “Won’t let you win easily”, he said. But I was driving pathetically right then. Down flowed a river, and I thought that if I get a bend wrong, I will be right there. Then came the most difficult obstacle, the hairpin bend, which was steeply upward and had less width. Only one car could cross it at once. I thought what to do, I knew that my bro will be in hurry to get past, and either of us will be down to the river. First, we both pushed nitrous and as he had McLaren F1, his nitrous significantly worked for him and he got the lead. Suddenly, I realized that the braking system was somewhat damaged, probably due to that coarse land haste. I t pushed it hard, and by now, Rick got at second. Somehow, I crossed the hairpin bend.

The rest part of the mountain was easy, and had 5 cars in a row available. I eased through it.

But then we were to the first village. I think I’ve told you of them. But to my surprise, not even a single cop was behind any of us when we’re crossing it. Thank God! Even that town was so smooth by road that I crossed 250 KMPH too.

Then after a 2 Kilometers recess, I was in the second village, still at the third struggling to get to that second position back from Rick, but then on, I ran into some trouble. There was a lot of traffic in the second village, and my man (tutor) said that we must follow a secret road he knew. But I denied, that it will be easily discoverable cheating. Then continuing through road, I found out that traffic started to reduce, as I pushed up to 120 KMPH from mere 60 KMPH. But by now, the cops were behind and what happened next can’t be described as such. Really, it can’t be described, really.

By then, only 20 Kilometers of Path was left to be treaded, and it was free from any obstacles, I mean real obstacles! Then, when mere ten K-s were left, it was now dependent only on the machines we had – by now, it was nearly straight road, and it depended on the damn power. Rick and Tyson, both, had nearly hundred two-hundred meters gap in between, but both were eventually behind. My elder bro was fifty meters ahead, and I just got the news that my second bro was eliminated due to excessive heat in his engines. My engine was also going to blow if I exceeded the 280 K mark, temp. rises were colossal. The cooling system didn’t appear to work at that time, I don’t remember exactly.

So, in the end, I was down to fourth position, due to limited scope of thrusting in absence of coolants.