Chipping Sodbury - Part 2

Jun 1, 2009, 8:45 AM |

Thanks for coming back!  Just to recap I was on 2 out of 3 which, as a minor player competing in the minor/major, I was pleased with.  After lunch I was facing another player from the major.  In fact, that was to be the case all afternoon!  Right, time for round 4.  If you're not familiar with my views on the Colle let me keep it succinct and say, "It's rubbish.":

That was certainly a confidence builder, I can assure you!  Going into the next round I was beginning to think I could do alright after all:

4/5!  Going into the final round there was one guy on 4.5 and another on 4.  They'd just played each other so it was my duty to stop the chap on 4.5 from stealing what clearly deserved to be my win Tongue out

Before I show you what happened, I will offer this as a disclaimer.  If you watch this game, it will remove 10 ECF points from your grade.  I presume my opponent drugged my lunch.  Excuses aside, here it is:

Embarassed  Now I don't condone binge drinking, but I certainly had a beer or two later that evening...
On a more positive note, I finished on 4 points out of 6, which (I believe) set me 1.5 points ahead of anyone else in contention for the grading prize that I was later awarded.  Whoop!