Frome Congress - Friday

May 11, 2009, 4:08 AM |

Given that Frome is about an hour away from where I live I decided, with some guys from university, that it'd be best to take a half point bye on the Friday night.  We'd drive there and back on the Saturday and Sunday aiming for 4 wins and claim a respectable 4.5/5.

So I guess you might be wondering why I'm making a blog post about a round where I took the bye?  Well, I do have a game to show you.  It's not mine, it's from Round 4 of the Major section.  At the end of the Sunday a friend noticed a bunch of discarded scoresheets and we had a quick play through them.  Remember, the Major section was under 155 and roughly down to 125.

No wonder he left his scoresheets behind.