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Back in Good Old Days

Back in Good Old Days

Jun 10, 2012, 4:44 AM 0

Now, when you look at my games, you may smile little bit. Yes, I know! I am not playing very good anymore. But this is problem due to Wernicke encephalopathy and dementia secondary to Parkinsonov disease. If you had Wernicke and Parkinsonov, you play bad, too, xaxa! But when I am younger I play very well. Here is very good game I had (see picture.) 










I had confidence when I played, and confidence is all,in chess. I have seen youngsters who did not even know how to do castle play with such attitude that they beat master of chess. Chess is confidence game I always say. 

Over years I have had many pupils and this is what I always tell them. They are still grateful. Some have become very well known good chess GrandMasters. Still send me letters. They could learn chess from the books but mental attitude only from me.

Now you work on mental attitude, too!

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