Borg Defense! A Failure?

Borg Defense! A Failure?

Jun 10, 2012, 2:02 PM |

As my many faithful readers will know (in Greenland I have column in Russian chess journal, many readers follow since years) I have played 1. ...d5 too long against the hated 1.d4.

See here picture of NASA astronaut Greg Chamitoff playing 1. d4 against ground control:

Even in space, 1.d4 is popular. I wonder what space aliens play? One day we may meet them, and find out!

I was sick of playing 1. ...d5, really sick (I vomited) and thought I needed something new. Something really fresh! And I found -

Borg Defense!

Of course first I thought it was played by the people with creased forehead on Star Trek. See picture.

But this is not true. I study Borg defense, and then I play. What do you think happen? Do you know Borg defense? Here is picture! A picture say more than a 1000 words!
Is madness, no? 
But strangely, black have better track record with Borg defense than with any other. So I play. I study, and play Borg defense. Many games already!
And every time, I lose. Not against poor player. But good player - is very happy with Borg Defense, make mince meat!
Here is example of game, played today, ending in my defeat, which made me grab vodka bottle, xaxa!
No more Borg Defense for Lyubov Medtner! If I keep it I have to drink bottle of vodka every day...Better only few times a week!