LOL Angry

LOL Angry

Jul 23, 2012, 4:47 PM |

Today Lyubov play online game, i.e. "correspondence chess", and play quite nice - but opponent get very angry!

Opponent say:

[...]: nice fake account and cheat to prevent the deserved draw! bye bye and get account closed!

[...]: Honest playing or stay out! Noone beats me within 18 moves opening so crappy!

[...]: OTB you got nothing. Just bigmouth in net cheating software in close position.

[...]: I didnt make national and international rating by lucking out with engine! you are a loser!

[...]: Time to promise the staff! Weak playing ... refusing draw in totally equal position and use engine to get a fast winning!

[...]: I made a lot of OTB tournaments and i know to divide some artificial moves from human strictured playing! Fool someone else!


Funny, no? 


Here is game. Draw offer was around move 13, Lyubov forget exact moment. Funny moment, though! In middle of middle game!