Who make Computer Analysis? Lyubov angry

Who make Computer Analysis? Lyubov angry

Jul 4, 2012, 2:11 PM |

Is time to be nice, and is time to be honest and angry. Today, Lyubov angry with chess.com. Would like to demand name of person who write Computer Analysis!

Lyubov play brilliant game. Lyubov often play brilliant game, because is very talented chess player, if little too old to be precocious, lol! 

Lyubov submit her game to Computer Analysis, thinking she will get letter from Computer Analysis saying: "You play good! You very clever game, very good moves and evil little plan to crush opponent, xaxa!" 

But no. Instead, ten or twelve times in game Camputer Analysis say: "INACCURACY. Better was maybe..." and then boring move, not at all like Lyubov like to play. And sometimes Computer Analysis even say: "MISTAKE! You were better, now you worse!!"

Is not kind, and irritate Lyubov much. Then when Lyubov make very good play, with evil little tactic, which in end win her game, Computer Analysis only say: "Lucky you, opponent make blunder!"

Is not fair, yes? Always critiquing Lyubov, and when she do good, win game, only say: "you make MISTAKE, opponent make blunder, you lucky!!!" Never say compliment, then why Lyubov win game? Why computer analysis only angry, never happy?

Lyubov would like to know: who make Computer Analysis. She have word to speak to person. Will not be nice word. 

See here ultimate insult: Inaccuracies(?!): 11 = 32.4% of moves | Mistakes(?): 2 = 5.9% of moves | Blunders(??): 3 = 8.8% of moves. 
Make total of 47.1% of moves is not good, says Computer Analysis. Soon, nobody like Computer Analysis!