Chess jokes you may fall for!

Chess jokes you may fall for!

Feb 16, 2010, 9:42 PM |

This funny story occured in Jan-2008 when I played in Asian Chess Teams Championship. After 4 rounds there was a one day break, on which my teammate suggested to bring a GM who was a friend of his, to our hotel room to analyze our games, well, losses to be exact!

So, the anticipated moment came and we had some nice little chat then he went through our games and gave us guidelines on how we could have improved. I found the whole experience very rich and learned a lot from it. nothing funny so far...then he asked me this:

- "I am white, and have a pawn on h5, a bishop on e4 and (of course) a king on g5 VS. your lone king on h8, the question is: can I queen?" (diagram below)

No pieces were set on the actual board, just used our heads...I, not realizing the trick, quickly answered: "well, that's a standard draw position, since my bishop is a light-squared one and your king's cornered on a dark square...No you can't"

Then he went: "Yes I can! wanna see how?" and I, eager to learn something new(?), said "Go on!"

He went on to advance the pawn: 











- "h6"


- "h7"

- "Kg7"

- "h8=Q I QUEENED!" he yelled!

- I got the joke, and there went a 'You have been fooled'-smile Tongue out on my face!...

Then, the even funnier thing was that he said "now starting from the same position, reverse sides and you try to queen the pawn, can you?"

"Your way? Sure I can!" I replied. So there we went:



- "h7"


- "I resign!" he cold-bloodedly said!

I was like...GRRR got me twice!

He Proved that GMs are not only good at serious chess stuff, but also in mockery chess, too!

Hope, this brought a smile to you too. If you have a funny chess story, please share it here, would love to hear it!