The power of the QID!

Oct 28, 2008, 6:50 PM |

Hi everyone,

I played this game in live chess and enjoyed it very much. It has some original ideas in the Queen's Indian Defense that I could successfully execute. In my reportoire, along with the Modern Benoni defense (that is my first choice against 1.d4), I sometimes try some other openings as well. Since in this game my opponent changed the move order in the beginning I couldn't go for the benoni. So I went on to give the QID a try. Hope you enjoy, and for those who are not that much familiar with the QID, hope you learn (annotations included):

well, despite I lost on was still enjoyable for me because I could follow a beatiful attacking plan against a high-rated player. One last thing I forgot to say is that this all happend in a one minute game, yes it was a 1+1 game!

phew Foot in mouth ...took me an hour to write...hope you all enjoyed....Thank you.