For Beginners and Novice (also even good intermediate players)

Sep 27, 2010, 1:04 AM |

For Beginners and Novice (also even good intermediate players)

Keeping to one type of opening is good for learn a small set of tactics and counters

Attack the center is best thus kings pawn opening or queens pawn

No one seems to define what bringing the queen out too early means! It means that you are underdeveloped you should have support pieces before bring the queen out or you can be chased around while your opponent develops his pieces. You can also bring out the queen if you have the position to do so.

E=MC2 (squared) Space Time and Matter (not quite matter conversion)

Positional chess verses classical development Classical development is more tactical even though it takes in position in those tactics

Positional chess allows for a more random game because of seeking more of a purpose verses that of plain. From opening one should have a goal or purpose in mind then plain an attack while mindfully looking for his attack.

Time speed chess verses blitz and slower games

Speed chess is good for teaching one to stand behind their moves and in developing and maintain a constant fluid plain because you don’t have time to do any worrying. Speed chess is also good for teaching to think more heavily on your opponents time then that of yours. (speed chess also can teach inpatients)

Blitz gives more time for more elaborate planning five to ten moves and thus slower is better.

Material is often overplayed and overemphasized in play. That brings me to the interplay of Material verses Position. Sacrificing material down can open position and is not a bad thing. It open more lines of attack and can wind up trading up (two pieces for one) leveling out the endgame anyways (if your plain has a hole).

Another saying is trade everything off the board and the best man (person) wins. That is always questioned but the better player will win before you get down all the way to only the Kings.