Dec 19, 2008, 7:59 PM |

They call me Pendragon, Merlin by name.

An ongoing strategy called chess is my game.


Battles,wars, fights and gambits.

The options alone will give you the fits.

Black and white, no bias here.

Just 64 squares, blood, sweat and tears.


The beginning is tranquil, calm and serene.

The ending usually ends up in a bloody scene.

It starts with you and me alone.

Dictating who is to live or be overthrown


Move the pawn, then the knight.

No wait the bishop has more might

What’s my move, where is my bite?

Oh no, I didn’t pick this fight.


Who is left, who is alive.  What can I do, where can I hide.

There it is, I see it now.

Check, maybe Mate, I should take a bow.


What!  What was that?  It wasn’t there.

I didn’t see it.  That’s no fair.

How can you do that, how do you dare?


Breathing hard now and kinda in a scare.

If only I had a move that was rare.



A move to win.  A move to admire.

A move that would clean up this quagmire.

A move to win.  A move to Fear.

A move that would put your mother to tear.


What a break.

What a mistake.

I’ll jump on that and not hesitate.

There it is, not only check.

But the satisfaction of CHECKMATE.


Its over now, the Victor be I.

I kicked his ass and the pleasure is mine.

Who’s next I say.  Who dare comply.

On this day, Merlin Pendragon,

Will not be denied!