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FCA games 9 and 10

FCA games 9 and 10

Mar 17, 2015, 7:57 PM 4

FCA member Rodrigo Tejedor was one of the many players who took their shot at the big money event this summer. Rodrigo was arguably the best class B player in the state of Florida during 2014. He won multiple B sections before the Millionaire Chess tournament and going into the event, he was rated among the top players at 1783. He finished with a respectable score with 4.5-7 but found himself in 18 place when it was all said and done. This is important for FCA players to consider before signing up for MC #2 this year. If our top B player could be on top of his game and only get 18th place, what does that say about the level of competition of the event? I think Rodrigo's performance is evidence to all Florida players that if you are not playing a couple levels higher then your rating, then you better be going for the experience and a good time. 

Here are a couple of nice games by Rodrigo

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