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Sharks save their season vs Gata and the Knights.

Sharks save their season vs Gata and the Knights.

Sep 24, 2014, 12:09 PM 0

The defending champs had their backs against the wall and it was only week 3. The Sharks had the misfortune of starting 0-2 and were rewarded with the challenge of facing Knights and the great Gata to salvage their season.

It took nine games but Marcel started the match off with our first win on a board. (This could prove to be our undoing because of tie-breakers for the playoffs) All of us were very proud of our good friend. Like many strong chess players today, Marcel's main focus is on poker. It is very difficult to stay in form when you are grinding away.  Thank you to our sponsor Pokerstars and we look forward to the legalization of online poker in all 50 states again. 

Tony on board 3 was a big underdog going into the match but had his chances. 

"Stonewall Gaston" regained his form to hold onto a draw. This was critical with Julio appearing to have winning chances on board 1. 


For the second week in a row GM Becerra was knocking on the door step of victory against one of the top players in the USA. 

Not the result we were all hoping for in the end but if you told me that we would draw this match before it started I would take it!

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