Sharks vs Cobras Week 4

Oct 4, 2014, 9:20 PM |

The defending champs are off to a rough start and looked forward to our match up vs the Cobras to get things headed in the right direction and regain our confidence. Historically, the Sharks are 7/9 with a win percentage of 78% vs our southern rivals. 

Julio Becerra has never lost a game to a Carolina foe and the trend continued this week. 

Marcel continued his solid performance this season with a draw. 

Tony is not able to juggle the demands of his job and chess at this moment. Since moving to Miami I have learned that if my Cuban brothers wanted to really to continue to play chess they are better off staying in Cuba! Chess does not pay your rent in the states. 

"Stonewall" Gaston got his first W this week. A much needed confidence boost for himself and our team.