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The Sharks call in the reserves. Week 6 vs Connecticut

The Sharks call in the reserves. Week 6 vs Connecticut

Oct 28, 2014, 7:06 PM 0

With our boards 3 and 4 struggling for the season, the Sharks decide to switch things up. 

Reserve player and assistant manager Vlad Yanovsky was thrusted into the line up in an emergency situation. Gaston Andretta had something come up with work. Vlad was put on board 3 out rated by 150 and forced with a time penality. All pressure was off to win, we just did not want to forfiet. In one of the biggest upsets of the season, Vlad won which seem to rejuvenate our team! 

Becerra was completely lost. If his opponent played one correct move he would have resigned! He missed his chance and Becerra made his biggest come back of the season!

Marcel had a better game but took too much time and let it slip away. 

When manager John Salisbury is forced to play, you know the Sharks are in trouble. But inspired by the Sharks fighting for their playoff lives, John managed to pull out the win and seal the victory for the Sharks!

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