Chess in Black and White Issue 6 "Week in Review 1"

Chess in Black and White Issue 6 "Week in Review 1"

Jan 11, 2014, 2:30 PM |

This has been a big week for chess, both as a whole and for myself. This week I started writing a chess blog "Chess in Black and White" here on and am already nearing 1000 reads! Thank you for all you have read my blog and have given feedback. Today I am going to review the week.

My first blog other than my introduction was a blog on offbeat openings as white. People really enjoyed this one, and I have recieved many requests for more like it, so I will be doing a weekly openings blog. To get an idea of what those will look lik, here is this weeks if you have yet to read it.


I also wrote a blog on endgame principles. This was not quite as popular, but endgames rarely are. I will see what the interest level is, and if it remains lower than it will come out every other week. If you are interested in what these will look like here is this weeks endgame blog.


My week was full of exciting games online, and almost every type of rating went up for me this week! I also was one of a lucky few who were able to play GM Naka right here on! If you have not yet seen the game here it is.


Earlier today we had round one of the Tata Steel master tournament and our very own GM Nakamura won his first round. Here is a link to the game.


Earlier today I also had a game for a online live tournament I am part of with a time control 60/1. I was white and played against the cara kann. Here is the game with my analysis.

Once again thank you for reading, and I hope you are looking forward to more next week! As always remember to track or friend me to make sure you do not miss out on furture blogs. I will also be giving updates on Tata Steel. Tomorrow will be a fuller recap of round one.


-Michael Porcelli