Chess in Black and White Issue 8 "Study"

Chess in Black and White Issue 8 "Study"

Jan 17, 2014, 6:49 PM |

I have recently thought about how best to improve my play, and concluded that the solution is to play yes. I have decided I need to study chess in order to play better. These are my plans for the year, both rating and study wise.



Right now i am around 1650, but have been around 1800. My goal for the olnth on tactics trainer is to hit 1900, but I am not sure I have enough time this month. By the end of the year I want to be at 2000. 



I recieved Silmans endgame course for Christmas and have started it. I want to work through the whole book by the end of the year. I also will be looking into chesstempo for endgame practice.



I will continue studying the scotch and kings gambit as my main white weapons. I also am working on 1.a3 and have formed a study group to explore it more, Here is the link to the group

As black I am still sticking to e6. I am personally studying the french. e6 as a response to d4 is very flexible and I have had success with it thus far. As a result I have formed a study group for 1. d4 e6 to better investigate  the flexible options. Here is a link to that study group


Both groups are small as I just formed them yesterday, but I hope good discussions and learning will take place.


Online chess

I am cutting down my games, I want to be under 20 games. I may have to limit team games, and I am already limiting my tournaments. I recently hit my jan. goal of 1900, and my goal for the end of the year is 2000.


Online live games

I am trying to play a little live chess everyday, but stopping as soon as I do not feel sharp. I feel bullet, blitz, and standard will reflect my growth well. 

bullet, 1400 by the end of the month if i have time. 1600 by the end of the year.

blitz, 1600 by the end of the month, 1750 by the end of the year

standard, 1700 by the end of the month if I have time, and 1800 by the end of the year


Otb I wan to play in a few tournaments and break 1650 this year, and 1800 next year


Thanks for reading!

Michael Porcelli