Chess in Black and White Issue 1 "Intro and Future"

Chess in Black and White Issue 1 "Intro and Future"

Jan 5, 2014, 2:11 PM |


This is issue one of my chess blog I am starting. I will use issue one briefly describe the furture the issues.

Plan- I plan one churning out 3 blogs a week, aiming for about every other day a new one. Mondays will be an opening or endgame blog. If there is good feedback I will try to make one on openings and one on endgame, every week. I will also have a issue that will be at least one annotated game of mine. And then the final issue each week will be the week in review

Background- I am the president of the Grove City Chess College Chess Club. I am also a member of the Grove City College Chess team, which participates in the Pittsburgh Chess League. I am active online in several groups and am working on some new chess products. More information on all of this will come out in other issues.

Teach- I also teach chess online, beginners and players up to 1600. Take a look at my profile and coaching profile to learn more. You can also friend/track me so that you get notified of new blogs which will be full of pointers along the way.\

If you have any suggestions/requests for future blogs or chess in general, feel free to send me a note, comment on a blog, or send me a pm. 

Also I do not have a good name for the blogs yet so I am open to suggestions.

Tomorrows blog will be on the opening that first apears in the comments of this blog. Thank you for reading and hope you continue to! 

-Michael Porcelli