8 days of frustration

Apr 13, 2008, 1:14 AM |

It's been 7 frustrating days without Internet connection, i just got connected this morning tried to send message to everyone of my opponents saying sorry for timing-out of our game.

I really felt sorry, my opponents have exerted efforts and time playing and just to end up in timing-out.

Until now, I am very frustrated about what happened. Just as i am trying to lower my time-out percentage and it happened again shooting my percentage time-out to the moon.

1st the line cable were stolen and on the second day, the tower broke down shutting down the whole of my area. I don't even have the opportunity  to put my games on vacation.  Even the Internet cafes were shut down.

I was wondering how come even the wireless company were affected too. The last time I used the Internet cafes, the wireless provider were okay, then the following day it's got problem. 

Now I had to exert more efforts to play more games to lessen my time-out percentage. I was tempted to create another account but I dared not... I'll just wait patiently by playing more games since more games would also help me improve my strategy and play.

I even stop being a guest welcomer for the meantime, to prevent from being chosen to play as a welcomer randomly by the computer and frustrating the newbies from not making a move.

I just hope and pray that this would not happen again or be minimized to a certain degree.

Again to all my previous opponent who were affected... if you can read this blog... I am deeply sorry for not finishing our games... definitely it was not intentional and was due to untoward incident.

Again my sincere apologies to all.