DSL Internet Provided Service Failure

Apr 5, 2008, 9:18 PM |

It's past 12:10pm here in the Philippines, and since this morning the DSL Facilities in my area were down again!!!

Very frustrating...... I had to travel and find internet cafe to just to make my move in order not to time-out in my current games. 

I called PLDT (phone company) and reported the problem.... and they'll try to look at the source of the problem... they mentioned that the whole of my area is currently experiencing the same problem not just me.

If ever the problem persist and not resolved, i will be forced to use the vacation feature. Please bear with me...I don't want to use it since i'm saving it for our family vacation out of town.... for my opponents with 24 hour time/move, i might forcely resign myself in order not to waste your valuable time (I hope not). I prefer loosing this way than timing-out. For all my opponent that will time-out on me...there's no need to worry, I switched off the auto-claim win, and will never use it no matter what happens.... our games will just sit there untill you make your next move. Many player had timed-out on me for unknown reason... and our games was just sitting there... waiting for ther move.

Again... i wish to send my apologies to all that will be affected. I joined this site to play, learn and make friends with you all (if possible), and make memories out of our possible games, and not to fool around wasting your precious time.

I hope... i don't get to come back in this interrnet cafe just to click on the vacation feature of this site.

For now i will just make my move and log-off to attend to my work. 

With my utmost sencerity and Peace be with you all.