live chess

May 1, 2008, 7:20 AM |

While only a handful of my friends were on-line, I tried to play in live chess.

Won my first game after my ratings was resetted to 1200, then lost a in two games due to limited time. Did not noticed that the game I accepted was Blitz for 5 minutes. On my third game went on a winning streak but there was one game that I won but my rating dropped down, maybe there's still some glitches in it. I've read in the forums that this thing happens. First I don't believe it, but now I do since it happened to me but only once.

At any rate, Ratings for me is only secondary. The felling of playing chess and noticing my improvement and having friends  satisfies me. But I'm hoping that problems and glitches would be taken care of. There were times that upon accepting a challenge, it seems to be stuck. My opponent already made his move but I cannot make my move until the time run out. It happened to me 4x about 2 weeks ago. My opponent already made his move time to go... good luck to all. 

By the way, who ever wants to play blitz, I can only accept minimum of 7 minutes.