severe frustration and disappointment!!!

Apr 29, 2008, 7:50 AM |

I don't know what happenned and it seems something is wrong!

Due to unavoidable situation.... i paused my games by availing the vacation features and posting a blog at the same time to somehow give notice to my opponents of the reason for the said vacation.

To my surprise as i logged in few minutes ago.... half of my games timed-out! WHY? How did I get to time-out when I was suppose to be on vacation.

It seems the odds were all against me! I am constantly trying to lessen my time-out percentage and the more I try the more it shoots-up....

I don't care about loosing but loosing from a time-out is different.... The fact that i made sure to avail vacation and yet I timed-out freaked me out.

First somebody hacked into my account at the other chess site and change my email address thus preventing me from logging in. As advised by the site administrator and re-opened my account.

Does it mean that someone hacked into my account and change my setting? But why? I'm a nobody with no respectable ratings, a novice player just trying to have friends, play, learn and hoping to improve my games...  

I keep thinking.....Is someone trying to force me indirectly to upgrade my account, so that i would have an automatic vacation when my time is almost running-out! I don't want to be judgemental... it really freaked me, I have respect to my opponents time and timing-out from them makes me feel uncomfortable.

To all my opponents that i had timed-out, my sincere apology to all. i tried to post in a blog and put myself on vacation but it did not work... again... I'm sorry and my apologies. Next time i won't be using vacation the feature but will have to resign no matter how good my position is to prevent such timing-out from a game ever again.

God bless you all and Good luck to all your games.

Thank you.