The Dream Team Vs. ????

Jun 6, 2008, 8:32 AM |

We're all members of this site and the title somehow brought dilemma to other members.

"The Dream Team Vs." it would seem sound that this 2 team we're from 2 different sites. have over 22,000 current members and the dream Team just nearly 400 members as one of the newly formed but with much activity. In this aspect, I find it hard to make a choice knowing that all of us are on the same team basically the same site.

At, we all share the same interest of playing, enjoying, learning and meeting new friends. Along the way , some members became friends, got closer, earned the trust of each other, eventually formed a circle, then was transformed into a group. As manifested by several on-line groups on this new but well known chess site.

Among the forums comments, one would find several thought of having dilemma's. In my opinion, being the head and the on-line groups being the branches, competing with each other.

Maybe it is better to just make it "The Dream Team Vs. Fun". With the previous title, will always be the winner because all of us are all members of the same site. Therefore, the new title as suggested would mean two on-line groups competing for greatness among each.  Like a vote chess tourney for on-line groups. against 1 opponent  can be justified for it's nature. Like an exhibition. 

It's a friendly competition for greatness without sacrificing the quality of honesty and sportsmanship. This in turn would lead to further bonding, team building, develop cooperation among teams, strengthens the spirit of camaraderies, discipline, settle differences in opinions without feeling bad, most of all, honesty and respect among members of the team that would create unification

Vote chess is a show of unity towards a certain goal... winning and learning in the process.

Whatever the outcome is.... we should not be divided. We may have different opinions but it doesn't mean that we cannot settle into something achievable or at least meet-up in between.Wink