7 tips to improve your blitz rating
Time pressure, 15 seconds vs 9 seconds

7 tips to improve your blitz rating

FM michechess89

Hello my chess friends. In this post I am writing about how to be a better blitz player. It does not matter if it is Over the Board, or Online, this should help you to improve in both of them. I hope you find it useful.

  • Play many, many, many blitz games: I said “many” many times, because this is really important. Maybe you should be playing at least a half of the time you work on chess. In this time control, your skills are fundamental, and you will only develop them by playing. Try to do that, but also try to pay attention to the board, to focus, to give it all in the game, and the results will be better.
  • See many tactical positions: In blitz, it is pretty common that the one with better tactical skills wins. Sometimes it is not so easy to find a way to defend against a good trap with only some seconds in the clock. So, work hard with this. There are many webs where you can train it. Click here to go to chess.com tactics trainer.
  • Never give up: If you really want to be a good blitz player, you need to be a street fighter. Do not give up, even if you are lost, prepare some trick for your opponent, try to find a stalemate position, or try to put him in time troubles. He can make mistakes the same way you did.
  • Manage well your time: I will give you 3 small tips: if you are playing 3|2, never think one minute in one move, unless it is a very special moment of the game (special moment means, you are about to give or receive checkmate and you are trying to find the best move); try to think with your opponent’s time; and do not overthink in forced moves.
  • Prepare the openings: You must have at least one line for white and one for black (against Queen and King Pawn at least), where you have memorized the first moves, you know the typical place for your pieces and the typical plans after the opening.
  • Hire a coach: This is always going to help. If you want to improve 200 points in blitz or rapid rating in some months, listen to somebody who has been working and helping other people like you during some years. There are many good coaches at chess.com (including me); feel free to write me if you need my help. You have my email at the top right, and you can also contact me by chess.com private messages.
  • Know some basic endings: Many people hate to study endings, but you like it or not, they are very important in blitz (and in chess), so you need to work a little with them. I wrote a post about this that I think can help you (in one hour you can learn around 70% of the endings you need to know to be a good blitz player, although you will need to practice them some time). Click here to see it.


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