Amazing Artistic Endgame by Sehwers (+ Video)
Artistic Endgame

Amazing Artistic Endgame by Sehwers (+ Video)

FM michechess89

Hello everyone. Here we have a very interesting artistic endgame composed by Sehwers and published in 1900. I encourage you to try to find the solution for some minutes, but if you can’t (it’s not so easy), the answer is down there. I also uploaded a video to my channel explaining all the lines. As always, I hope this helps and you enjoy it. 



In this video you will have the solution and explanations about different lines

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Diagram with solution (Click the question mark to see the answers)

I had not posted in a week, I was playing a tournament (the Province Championship), I got first place, but I lost 5 points in my FIDE Rating (the Tournament average was very low)… But now I’m back writing. I will post about this contest in next days.


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“Artistic endgames are very helpful because you will have to calculate accurately, which is really good. This kind of exercise also teaches you to see what many people can’t see and expect for what few people expect for.” 

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