Capablanca vs Tartakower: Instructive Rooks Endgame
Capablana vs Tartakower, 1924. White to move, find the best plan.

Capablanca vs Tartakower: Instructive Rooks Endgame

FM michechess89

Hello everyone. As you probably know Capablanca was a great endgames player. In this post, we are going to see a game where he activated his rook; then he found an amazing maneuver to activate his king as well. It’s so special, because he sacrificed two pawns to get that. It’s not easy to find that idea on the board, but once you analyze it, think about the final position of the maneuver and evaluate it, seems very clear.

I won’t say anything else. I’ll just let Capablanca’s pieces talk on the board. 


In this video you have analysis and explanations about this endgame.

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