How I beat a stronger opponent
Facing stronger opponents

How I beat a stronger opponent

FM michechess89

Hello everyone. I wrote once some tips to beat stronger opponents. In this post I bring a game where I faced a higher rated player, and things were good for me. I wrote some comments and tried to explain some lines.

In some way I just got lucky in this game. We had a normal opening and middlegame. My opponent even had the advantage during some moves, and under time pressure, he overlooked a move, I found it, and then I got the victory .

But, anyway, I want to take advantage of this, and encourage you to never give up in your games. Of course in some point I said: “This looks really bad”, but I always kept looking for solutions, never stopped trying it, and it worked this time. Obviously, we are going to lose many games in this kind of situations, even with lower rated players. But if you keep the right mentality, you will also be able to get some good victories.    

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