Kasparov's Immortal Game
Kasparov's Immortal Game, position after 24 ... cxd4

Kasparov's Immortal Game

FM michechess89

Hello. Once again I was looking into my databases, just trying to find a good game to learn as part of my chess training. And then, what a nice surprise, I found this. I had already seen it, but I think I can look at this one hundred times, and I will always be looking forward to look at it once again.

This is a chess jewel. By the way, do not let the engine ruin it. There are a couple of mistakes, but everything seems so easy when you are analyzing with a module at home. The position was too complicated. Both players were very brave. This is already known by many people as Kasparov’s Immortal Game, enjoy it.

(Click here to see it in video)

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