Kasparov’s last game
Kasparov's last game. Playing h6 black could get a draw.

Kasparov’s last game

FM Michel2426
Jul 4, 2018, 5:29 AM |

Hello my chess friends. Have you seen Kasparov’s last game before his official retirement? Well, I was looking at my database, and I found it. This is a historical game. A very interesting game too. I was a child when it happened, it was Linares, 2005, last round. He was playing black versus Topalov. He was first place in the tournament even if he lost this game. Maybe you have seen it; I just will write some comments on it to understand everything better. By the way, thank you Kasparov, for all your games and for all the magic. You are a legend in the chess world.

Let’s see the game.


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